Project Description

Project Brief

Dr. Dawn Woo of Children’s Dentistry of Issaquah contracted Counterweight Media for a full website redesign in early 2018. Dr. Woo wanted a modern website with modern features, including online scheduling, contact submission forms, and a highly responsive mega menu. She wanted to develop more comprehensive pages for the different ages and stages of dental health and development. It was also critical that CWM be able to integrate some of the original illustrations from Dr. Woo’s previous website.

The Challenge

Dr. Woo’s previous site was aesthetically indicative of many early 2000’s website. Additionally, it’s UX and UI were also very much in line with early 2000’s websites, making for somewhat unintuitive navigation by modern standards. In doing the redesign, we would need to fully optimize not just the aesthetic appearance of the site, but completely redesign the entire site map and sales funnel.

The Solution

Children’s Dentistry of Issaquah’s website was developed with the intention of providing a modern online experience. For their new site, our Website Development team created something more contemporary in both form and function. It features a more organized and clearly defined megamenu, better segmented pages, a more appealing color palette (purples and greens), and consistent use of Children’s Dentistry’s mascot, Quin the Dragon. Their website also features a fully comprehensive “Ages & Stages” page which outlines the dental care needs for children at different ages all while maintaining a consistent visual aesthetic.