Project Description

Project Brief

Started in 2018, Safeguard Home Inspection is an InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) certified inspection company that provides residential service to King, Pierce, Thurston, Mason, and Kitsap County. Outside of the general home inspection services, they also offer Sewer Scope and Sprinkler inspections. In early 2018, Safeguard approached Counterweight Media to develop their website, including its content.


  1. Create a streamlined, organized, and enjoyable online experience for potential customers.
  2. Demonstrate the fully comprehensive detail-oriented nature of Safeguard’s inspections.
  3. Provide detailed descriptions of key services and crucial information for prospective home buyers, home sellers, and realtors.

Content Research and Development

Safeguard’s website content was researched and developed entirely by our team. We performed extensive research on different home inspection services, processes and practices. Significant time was spent studying local laws/ordinances, regional competitors, and the Standards and Practices of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) in order to develop more comprehensive services pages.

We also researched numerous reviews and articles from various realtors and home buyers/sellers to gain insight into and better tailor Safeguard’s content to the customer journey/experience during a home inspection. We not only wanted to understand the industry from an internal perspective, but also from the perspective of a customer, identifying common needs, concerns, and questions for home buyers, sellers, and realtors. As a result of our research, we managed to create highly detailed service pages and FAQ’s that both inform and empower Safeguard’s customers.

Website Development

We chose a more concise modern design with distinct bold colors to match Safeguard’s branding. We also filmed and edited a video banner that plays on the desktop version of the home page to add both a sense of legitimacy and intriguing visual component to their website.

We structured Safeguard’s website so that all pages and functionality would be easily accessible regardless of which page the user is on. Whether you are on the home page, the general service page, or a specific service/customer page, all other pages, forms, and logins are available, making for easy navigation.

As with all our websites, we wanted Safeguard’s design to be a perfect melding of slick streamlined form with responsive function. Their website needed to be aesthetically appealing, but with a well-defined and intuitive sales funnel. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for a prospective customer to find whatever information they needed without having to dig too much.