There’s no doubt that having a website is an essential part of strategic online marketing. Your website is your main hub, where your web visitors become customers. Just like a brick-and-mortar store, you want to impress people as soon as they walk in the door. However, your website serves another important purpose: help visitors find what they’re looking for.

Web development is how we refer to all the methods and systems we use to help web traffic become conversions. The visual design is important, but it’s only one part of a bigger strategy. Everything from your web host to the user interface design can affect your website’s overall performance.

Basically, you could have the coolest website design ever, but if the site suffers from broken links, bad site structure, or bland content, visitors will leave and go to a competitor with a better site. You know how grocery stores have those signs that tell you what’s stocked in each aisle? It’s kind of like that. If it’s too hard for a visitor to find what they want, they’ll get annoyed and leave.


We offer a number of different services, depending on your needs. We always start with a site analysis, highlighting potential issues on your current site. Is your design outdated? Does the site structure make sense? Do all the elements function properly?

Next, we take a look at the site’s usability. Are some of your design elements getting in the way? Is everything intuitive, or is it easy to get confused? Am I idly checking my phone while I’m waiting for a page to load?

Finally, we turn a critical eye to your web content. Is it informative and easy to follow? Does the tone and voice support your company’s branding? Is it interesting and engaging to read, or did it just put me to sleep faster than a double dose of Nyquil?

Once we finish with this analysis, we can discuss strategies. Do you need a fresh, new website? If not, how can we help you develop your current site?


Many web designers are just that—designers. They don’t offer robust web development services like we do. But even the design process can present issues for businesses.

As we performed our own market research, we noticed that small to medium-sized businesses were in a bind. Web designers in their price range either produced unappealing websites on the cheap, or locked clients into agreements that held their website and domain name hostage, forcing them to stay with the company that “owned” their site.

We’re not a fan of either of those options, so we offer a different one: a clean, stylish, functional, and responsive website that YOU own. We believe in giving full control and access to all of our web development clients, and never charging them for that access, even if we part ways in the future. Any website we design for you is yours to keep.