Content Creation & Strategy

Content Creation & Strategy.

Writing content isn’t difficult—but writing good content definitely is. Let us handle the tough stuff.

Quality Content With Purpose.

If you’re trying to market your business online, you need written content, and someone has to create it. Good news—we can do that! We know not everyone’s a writer, and many of our clients just don’t have the time to spare.

Every word of your content represents your business, so there’s no room for shoddy work; our goal is for anything we write to be both high-quality and purposeful. It’s a simple process: we create a plan, do the research, write efficiently, and edit/optimize as needed.

Content We Write.

Virtually every part of digital marketing uses written content to some extent. And when you’re looking around for a web designer or an SEO agency, you might not even realize you going to need it. Not only is it necessary, but it can also vary a lot depending on its purpose.

Content For Websites.

The content on your website might be the first time a potential customer hears directly from you. We’ll make sure it’s accurate, engaging to read, and easy for your customers to understand, wherever it may be needed. This can include:

  • Service pages
  • Product descriptions
  • Landing pages
  • Blog Posts

Content for SEO.

Often, the content we write for your web pages is the same content we need for SEO. Even though it’s the same stuff, we need it to fulfill another purpose: to be appealing to search engines. Basically, we write it as Google likes it: well-structured, descriptive, and keyword-rich (but not keyword-stuffed).

There are some unique places we need to have SEO-specific content, though, such as:

  • Pay-Per-Click ad copy
  • Local SEO landing pages
  • Meta titles
  • Meta descriptions

Content for Social Media.

Writing content for social media posts requires a much different approach; it has to be brief, attention-grabbing, and suitable for your brand. Even more importantly, it has to be posted consistently—which means you better have a good strategy in place.

We make sure any social media content we write is:

  • Engaging
  • An appropriate length
  • Consistent with your brand guidelines
  • Representing your company in a positive way

Content for Email Marketing.

Writing content for an email marketing campaign can be tricky to get right—and disastrous to get wrong. We take the time to create a detailed strategy and compelling content to ensure every email in the campaign is purposeful.

We make sure all email marketing content we write:

  • Is well-written and error-free
  • Is consistent with your brand guidelines
  • Includes a strong Call to Action


See How We’ve Helped Our Clients.

Sentinel Pest Control

Sentinel Pest Control is a locally owned and operated full-service pest control company. The company has been providing residential and commercial pest control services to the greater Puget Sound area since 1998.

Sentinel Pest Control

Sentinel Pest Control is a locally owned and operated full-service pest control company. The company has been providing residential and commercial pest control services to the greater Puget Sound area since 1998.


Articles & Resources.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

From our first meeting with Counterweight Media, I was highly impressed with the professionalism and knowledge. Our Website is everything they promised and more…

All Access Doggy Daycare

We used Counterweight Media for a complete website build. They did an awesome job and were extremely helpful throughout the process. I would recommend them to anybody looking for a fantastic site!…

Sentinel Pest Control

We opted for an entire overhaul of our site from the ground up. They worked with us on a payment plan and were patient and helpful throughout the entire development process. We clicked right away even before the creative process began. We are thrilled with what they have put together for us and it is already paying dividends…

Rambo Total Pest Control

We had Counterweight media design our website from scratch. They created all of our website content, they came on site and shot a video for us, they created all of our images and put it all together into a complete website that converts visitors into paying customers…

Safeguard Home Inspection

Counterweight Media makes sure you’re informed and on top of everything. They designed and created our website and we couldn’t be happier. If you’re on the fence or having doubts, don’t think twice! Counterweight Media is the right choice!…

Schwab Electric

They designed our business web page and created an amazing video that we have used for marketing and social media. I have had a ton of compliments on our website on how beautiful it is and how easy to navigate it is.

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