Project Description

Project Brief

Oak Harbor Freight Lines, a regional LTL freight carrier, contracted with Counterweight Media in early 2018 to produce a video project aimed at recruiting new employees. The company leadership wanted a main recruiting video, and several shorter videos that focused on various positions throughout the company.

The Challenge

Oak Harbor Freight wanted to explain specifics of the job roles, show the diversity of opportunities, and highlight the current employees’ positive feelings about the company while letting them be open and honest about their experience.

The Solution

We wanted to focus on getting honest, organic answers from the current employees. Our crew chose to schedule a sit-down interview with a member of each team—driver, dock worker, customer service, dispatch, and a dock-to-driver graduate—and came prepared with a list of interview questions to get the employees talking openly about their experiences.

After the interviews, we followed each employee through their daily routine, in order to get b-roll footage of their job duties. We used a combination of tripod, handheld, GoPro, and gimbal-stabilized shots to highlight the unique environments, tasks, and skills that a new employee might experience. Together with the interview footage, we constructed a series of recruiting videos that the client was extremely pleased with.