Project Description

Project Brief

In 2017, The Gig Harbor Film Festival contracted with Counterweight Media for a full website redesign. The purpose of this redesign was to improve the online experience for festival attendees, filmmakers, and general patrons as well as increase the visibility of their annual and monthly events. This was part of a larger effort to bring more consistency and uniformity to their overall marketing efforts.

The Challenge

Gig Harbor Film Festival has volunteer opportunities, sponsors, membership packages, and multiple different events throughout the year. Their original website design was akin to that of an online forum or chatroom with minimal segmentation and inconsistent layout/formatting/branding, making it unintuitive for any sort of promotional or informational purposes.

The Solution

We produced a highly responsive cohesive design that is structured in a manner that all important pages are both immediately noticeable and accessible from the home page via the main tiles or the mega menu. We improved their website’s overall functionality while also streamlining its appearance, making it more organized and easier to navigate while still maintaining brand consistency.